Dr. Petukhov laboratory

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A short outline of the BEProFL approach is provided here.


Chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, computer-aided molecular design, photoaffinity labeling, and drug discovery targeting epigenetics:

1. Our histone deacetylase (HDAC) publications related to discovery of HDAC photoreactive probes (PRP), novel isoform selective HDAC inhibitors, and use of HDAC PRPs to study structure of deacetylase complexes, specifically HDAC3-SMRT, can be found here.

2. Discovery of HDAC isoform selective inhibitors for a variety of diseases and conditions

Hepatatis B visrus:

3. Our HBV pilot studies were recently supported by the Areas of Excellence Program at UIC and the NIH/NIAID.



1. Small molecule inhibitors of pantothenate synthesis against M. tuberculosis

2. Small molecule inhibitors of malate synthase against M. tuberculosis

Alzheimer's disease:

3. Tools for AD Research: Design of BACE2 Ligands

List of publications referenced by PubMed

Selected publications (out of more than 55, Pubmed links only):

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